Behavioral Coach telling Many children are left-handed and have the habit of handwriting.  But parents are writing hand writing with left hand without knowing it, they are forcing us to write with right hand instead of left hand.  Unknowingly, they seem to be somewhere mentally.  Once upon a time we see one or two mouth-to-mouth writers.  They are very proud to see that they are lucky and say that any doctor will become an engineer, but when it comes to this generation, the parents will not accept those who are writing with their left hand.  How correct is it to try to change whatever this hand writing by birth keeps coming.

Amazing Facts about Left Handed Children || Parenting Tips || Behavioral Coach

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A very small thing but a big problem.  In India, in families where the devotional aspect is high, in orthodox x families, in some communities, left handedness is not a sign of good.  It is their opinion, traditions, what the Puranas say, so there is no problem in such matters.  But writing is an inborn habit after all.

One more thing, before knowing this left hand right hand questioning, we need to understand a small aspect here.  Humans have left side of the brain and right side of the brain.  If your child can write right-handed, it means that his left-sided brain works well.  Knowing about this will give clarity to the parents.  Even those who write with right hand have left side brain working well.

People with right hand writing habit can do logical aspect well.  That means they can do things like maths well.  All their thinking also goes on a logic.  And it has many elements.  They are a bit extroverted.  They have high logical and numerical ability.  They do well in most science streams.  These are their characteristics

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The right part of the brain works well for those who have the habit of writing with the left hand.  If it works, it means that they are very creative artistic logic, if we want we can improvise somewhere but we can also do normal way of thinking.  It is not so easy that we have to improve creativity without it being born in the brain. And that's why 10% of the total population are left-handed writers.  Why are those who are lucky in the past means that you are one of the few, your thinking is different from everyone else, if you are different, you are unique, you are lucky.

In the past, many left-handers were considered lucky in that style.  Because creative people don't do it.  They go in their style.  They go in their artistic nature.  Their defined way of looking at things is different.  We all think in a routine but they think differently. Having said that, we should appreciate left hand writers a lot. We should not trouble them again.  When these children give something, they start taking it with the left hand and start eating with the left hand.  Left hand is also used while playing with toys.  We should not disturb that character, we should not disturb their habits.  If we disturb that pattern, there is a natural way of body function as if we disturbed it.  It is as if we have disturbed the natural way of functioning of the right side of the brain.

Amazing Facts about Left Handed Children

Amazing Facts about Left Handed Children || Parenting Tips || Behavioral Coach

What happens when we disturb it is that when we artificially change something that should happen naturally, it loses its ability. That's why care should be taken while changing the handwriting in those children as it will be very problematic in the future.  We should never disturb a child's natural ability.  Now even in the market, product designers are designing products to suit left-handed people.  Do not disturb the handwriting of left-handed children.

When children are forced to switch from left hand to right hand when it comes to writing, they fall into a state of confusion rather than perfection.  Perfection confusion aside, learning disability is not necessarily born and can develop in the middle.  Once a person gets reluctant writing, it means that they lose focus on studies. So the God given gift of left handed and right handed people is writing to balance that way of thinking without killing their creativity but there are also people who write with both hands.  It is a gift given to them by God that their left side brain works well and right side brain works well.  Finally, if anyone wants to increase their creativity to such levels, they should practice writing with their left hand occasionally.

This can also be practiced as an activity for your little ones. Have them practice writing with both hands for fun and their skills will improve. Too much logical aspect increases.  For those who do not have creativity at all, it would be good if we do works with our left hand just like a hobby.

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