Today we will learn about early pregnancy symptoms and how to know if a lady is pregnant. 
What are the normal symptoms in those symptoms?
What are the symptoms of end-abnormal problems? Let's talk about these. How to know if you are pregnant is very simple.

Pregnancy Counterattack - Early Pregnancy Symptoms | How to know we are pregnant

Pregnancy Counterattack 

For ladies who have regular cycles, do they get monthly at the correct time every month i.e. 28 to 30 days? Say suppose comes monthly in October first, then it should come again on September first. In these regular menstruating ladies, the post-fund has been up to one week, which means that they have to look for first doubt pregnancy. Very simple. Some have early morning pregnancy urine tests for those without symptoms.

We see two lines in that test. Pregnancy can be confirmed based on those lines. This is a policy. Some people get pregnant even without doing a urine test, do they have any other symptoms, i.e. when pregnancy comes normally, some hormones are released in the body to protect the baby. It increases the hormones called HCG, Pojistran, and estrogen. Vomiting symptoms are very common as these hormones increase. Almost everyone knows that.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Wantings come to those who get pregnant. and the second is a little kind of off Feeling heavy. The feeling of water retention causes a slight heaviness in the body. And early morning fitness is called. That is, little nausea and vomiting sensation on waking up are common symptoms. The same is irregular monthly for a lady,

suppose it is a two-monthly thing, how will they know when it comes once in three months. We are now in confusion about pregnancy. Because if the monthly is correct, the compensation will be known if it is postponed, but if it is irregular, it will be a little different. To know them. When menstruation is irregular I think it comes exactly every two months depending on the cycles, for those who miss the correct date of long cycles, a urine pregnancy test can be done if it is ten to fifteen days late. Apart from that other symptoms are vomiting sensation, not being able to eat rice, bitter sensation in the mouth, and distaste for food. When it feels like that, it must be tested. Even in this test, many people ask if there is a weak positive in that test.

How to know we are pregnant

It does not have two lines, one line is strong, and the other line is light. So there is no need to worry when there are any such differences. What they should do the next day is to take to some morning urine and test it. Why is week positive is because of taking more water and passing urine more often. Such people also get weak positives. So early morning concentrated urine sample contains urine. So what we detect in urine is the hormone HCG hormone. So overnight the sample is concentrated. So pregnancy test is easy to know in the correct way. This is the best method of all. Now I will explain the sentence that needs to be taken care of. What are they? Some people think that even after doing a urine test, there is no problem, why go to the doctor now, let's go after a month or two months. But why is folic acid used for the baby from the start of pregnancy this is the right time for the development of all the organs of the baby in the first two months This is the right time for a baby's brain development

but also for spine development. At this time there is no problem for those who are normal but some women have vitamin deficiency. Folic acid and vitamin B12 are all a basic and for those who have deficiencies, small folic acid tablets should be started to give approval for baby development. Some people have thyroid problems or hormonal issues or p c o d from before pregnancy, some people have complicated medical issues, some people get BP problems early, and some people have sugar problems too.
People with such conditions should not be neglected. Precautions must be taken to avoid any such problems in the baby. People with thyroid problems must change their medication when they get pregnant. The THS value of the thyroid should be less than three. In this way, if the tablets are changed,
both the mother and the child will be safe. The baby does not have any problems in brain development or spine development. Secondly, in diabetes, well control sugar means we have to do a test called HbA1c. By any test, we can see how much sugar has been maintained in their body since the previous
three months, whether is it normal or abnormal and if it is normal and comfortable, the chances of the baby will also be high. So by doing such a test, when the sugar is high, it should be controlled immediately.
All these can definitely be corrected Another thing to know about BP is that some tablets are not safe for the baby during pregnancy.

Tablets must be changed immediately after pregnancy. It can be prevented without any problem and vomiting is fine in the first two months of pregnancy. Vomitings once or twice is not a problem. No matter how many medicines you take, the chances of it decreasing are very low. Definitely from the first month to the third month. Vomiting is a must until your changing hormones balance out.
And some women have a chance of vomiting five to ten times a day and even more. Such people have very low nutritional levels in the body and also get dehydration. What's more important is that some women still experience minor bleeding after pregnancy. The spotting remains the same and must consult a doctor at this time. Because that's

why the bleeding happens. Bleeding is normal for some people. It is called implantation bleeding.
There is no need to be afraid of this as it can be reduced by small tablets or injections.
Some people have heavy bleeding but this should not be neglected because some people get ectopic pregnancy. It can be detected in early pregnancy, an ectopic pregnancy means it is not in the uterus but in the tubes. Tubes are very delicate they cannot carry the baby till one and one month and then there are chances of rupture which can be very serious so consult the doctor in early pregnancy. How to know it is very unbearable pain in the abdomen which is continuous. An ectopic pregnancy can be detected early by doing a scan or blood test during this time. If it is detected early it can be reduced with tablets
without surgery, if it is neglected it must be operated which is a life-threatening precaution.

Early pregnancy sentences like this can be controlled to a large extent. Finally, a valuable word:
pregnancy is life-threatening physiology that every woman wants to feel like a mother. It should be taken normally.


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